What Does Every Seller Want?

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Sellers — this means you — want to sell fast, fast, fast for the best price possible and with little effort on your part. How? You need a REALTOR® who utilizes a strategic marketing plan that brings buyers in the door and produces an offer, a REALTOR® who negotiates through all the difficulties of home inspections, then closes the deal to your satisfaction.

I can do that for you—and I’d like to.

What attracts buyers? We’ll work together so that your house will entice buyers. We’ll make it stand out in the eyes of a buyer, enabling them to envision your house as their home. And – anticipating an offer – I’ll have your home inspected so that we can identify problems and solve them before you get to the negotiating table.

Here are 4 proven strategies from my Strategic Marketing plan that will get your house noticed, and sold with multiple offers:

1. Getting your home to be Certified Pre-Owned, which involves an inspection, an appraisal, and a home warranty.
2. Creating a listing storyboard to highlight why someone would love living in your house and community.
3. A staging consultation if your home is occupied, and furniture and furnishings to stage your home if it is vacant.
4. Professional photographs to showcase your property.

When you hire me to sell your house, my job is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Let me bring in the buyers, get you an offer and help you negotiate a favorable contract. Hire me to close a deal!

List with me.   Why?   I can get your house sold. And that’s what every seller wants!

Contact me today!

Contact me today!