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You’re a real estate investor, so your real estate agent needs to have experience and expertise in investing in properties. That’s what makes me stand out in the crowd – I’m a real estate investor myself, and I know the area well. I own properties in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham, and I manage them myself. From flipping to being a long term landlord, my experiences as a hands on investor will help you make prudent and intelligent decisions as you invest.

As your agent, I will:
Carefully check each property and the surrounding area to judge safety, owner/renter ratio, area appreciation and condition, and desirability.
Talk with any existing tenants to find out what they like and dislike about the dwelling/area. This provides insights about how the property has been kept up and whether the tenants are stable and want to continue living there.
Recommend property managers I respect.
Work with local banks and lenders who know the values in various areas.

There are two kinds of investors, ones who buy, renovate, and hold, and those who buy, renovate, and flip. Whether you are investing to rent or to flip, it’s all about location, condition, and price.

Investors who work with me get the benefit of my experience as a landlord, plus the advantage of working with my team of experts! Read more about my real estate investing team.

Every area has people who rent. There will always be renters. The three most important issues with investment properties are location, condition and price. The key is finding a location and/or house that is desirable enough to keep long-term tenants.

Please contact me, and let me help you as you invest in real estate.

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