Why You Want to List Your Home in December

Why You Want to List Your Home in December

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close up image of snowman toy with placard on christmas gift boxAre you one of those people who thinks you have to wait until spring to list your house? Think again! Here are 3 reasons why a December listing can be very strategic and shrewd:

1. Motivated Buyers. A buyer who is looking at houses in December is very serious about buying. They are not distracted by holiday shopping, traditions or entertaining because they need a house now. If your house is priced right for the location and condition, it will sell. Period.

2. Fewer sellers in general. Listing now could put you ahead of a flood of houses that will be released in the spring. Why wait for your competition?

3. Year round investors. Shopping for a good investment property continues all through the month of December. Smart investors know that the time to look and purchase might be when others are preoccupied. If your house has been prepared properly, it will attract attention from serious potential investors.

In years past, houses in good condition and priced competitively were in danger of languishing on the market unnoticed during the month of December. However, that’s not the case in today’s market.

If you’ve done everything to get your house ready to sell, you have every reason to list it now. Are you ready to sell? Give me a call, and let’s talk about what’s best for you.