Wanted: One Level Homes

Wanted: One Level Homes

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ranch home for sale in chapel hillWhen the ranch house made its debut, it was the style to have everything on one floor. Trends changed, however. Ranch gave way to split levels, and then two and even three story homes became all the rage. Many ranch homes are on large lots. As land became more expensive, it was cheaper to build up rather than out.

If you are in the market to sell your ranch home, you may be tempted to feel it’s a bit passe. But a single level home has a lot to offer, and more and more people are searching for them specifically.

There are several reasons for this…

Baby Boomers are aging. As baby boomers downsize and consider their future, they don’t want stairs, though will consider a master bedroom on the main level.

Single sized. Many single people just don’t need a bigger home. They like the appeal of the more compact home that has a smaller footprint and is easier to maintain.

Feeling big. People often remark that the same square footage on one floor feels bigger than the same amount on two floors.

Quality Made. Most older, single level homes often feel more solid than newer ones. They have great kitchens, and many have the practical U-shape.

Of course there are drawbacks. Bathrooms and bedrooms are often very small, and walk in closets are generally non-existent. Many ranch homes have already been updated, but if yours has not been, get an architect to draw up plans for the best way to bring your home up to date. Provide these plans to the prospective buyers, and show them the potential that your home has!

As always, give your home a fresh coat of paint, stage it, and get it ready to show off – and sell!

Give me a call if you want more ideas on how to sell your one level home. One level or two or three – I’d love to get your house sold!