Toilet Talk and Why it Matters

Toilet Talk and Why it Matters

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outhouseRaleigh/Durham is flush with residential toilets, ranking third in the United States, according to recent research that ranked cities across the country by the number of residential toilets per 100 people. Raleigh/Durham boasts 98 toilets per 100 people; now you know.

Results were reached by a Seattle-based real estate brokerage and blog Redfin by using U.S. census and housing data. (Evidently,they’re a whiz at paperwork!)

Potty humor aside, REALTOR®s know that bathrooms are a serious topic in real estate, and too few toilets can be a deal breaker for potential home buyers. The convenience of an available toilet contributes greatly to the quality of family life.

And in Raleigh, NC, home buyers can count on homes or condos with sufficient residential toilets – just one more reason to feel at home here!