Real Estate and Hotel Beds

Real Estate and Hotel Beds

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hotel roomDid you know that there will be 445 new hotel rooms in Durham this year? We already have a brand new 21c Museum Hotel here – that combination of boutique, art museum, restaurant, and hotel that is just plain upscale FUN. (Just wait until you see the bathrooms!) You’ll get such a kick out of the public bathrooms!

An increase in hotel beds is an indicator of good economic growth. Hoteliers go where they predict a lot of conventions and business travel. And with DPAC, the convention center, new residences, and a solid plan for growth, some big hotel companies have set their sites on Durham.

But what does all of this have to do with real estate? Well, the same growth that has attracted the hotel industry is attracting more and more people to want to live in downtown Durham. Neighborhoods that have been a bit dodgy in the past are now enjoying being on the upward trend. Savvy investors are getting in on the trend, purchasing properties now while they are low, and then either flipping them or holding them as rental homes. And it’s not for investors only–many owner occupants are moving to these areas because of the convenient location and availability of homes with good bones and style.

If you’re in the market for investment property, Durham is definitely worth your consideration. I personally own rental homes in Durham, and would love to help you find what you need for your real estate portfolio.

Give me a call today, and let me help you find the property that fits your goals!